Waxing Services

Unwanted hair on the body and face is often a problem for both women and men. Fortunately, waxing services prove to be a very effective method for hair removal and have become increasingly more popular over the years.

  • Unlike shaving, waxing removes the entire hair, which with consistent waxing, may take up to four weeks to grow back.
  • Hair that has been shaved may grow back feeling coarse and looking darker. Hair that grows back after waxing often feels softer than it did before.
  • For best results, we recommend hair growth to be between 10-14 days from your last shave.
  • Waxing prior to or after tanning, body treatments, and some services may cause skin sensitivity.
  • Certain prescription medications may also cause sensitivity.
  • It is important that you consult your esthetician about any concerns you may have prior to receiving any services.