UV Tanning

Tanning options:

  • 90 Day Unlimited Sessions
  • 30 Day Unlimited Sessions
  • 10, 5, or 1 Day Packages

Body Lamps: 46
Watts: 160

Face Lamps: 3
Watts: 400

Our Platinum level offers a 12-minute maximum exposure schedule featuring 3 facial tanners, side tanners, neck tanners, and shoulder tanners. It has full body air conditioning and aromatherapy for added tanning luxury. It is also a bronzing bed giving you a deeper, longer lasting tan!

Body Lamps: 52
Watts: 200

Our Gold level gives you the option to stand up or lay down. Our stand up booth has a 12-minute maximum exposure schedule and is the strongest tanning unit we offer.

Body Lamps: 38
Watts: 120

Face Lamps: 3
Watts: 500

Our Gold level gives you the option to stand up or lay down. The Gold bed is more spacious, features 3 facial tanners, and full body ventilation as well as a 15-minute maximum exposure schedule.

Lamps: 32
Watts: 120

Our Silver tanning bed is designed to get your base tan started and has a 15-minute maximum exposure schedule. This bed also features a fan at the base for ventilation.

Change your look (and your outlook!) by tanning.

  • Tanning not only provides a positive influence on your outward appearance, but it also makes you feel good.
  • It allows you to keep your summer look all year round, or just darken your appearance prior to a big event, be it a party, wedding, prom, or vacation.
  • UV tanning can lift your mood and change your outlook on life for the better.
  • Research shows that those who tan in conjunction with a fitness program, are more apt to stay committed to their program than those who don’t tan.

Tanning Products

The Body Bar proudly carries a full line of premium tanning products designed to deliver superior quality tanning results! The excellent tanning products we offer have been specifically formulated to achieve professional tanning results. That’s why we carry the best brands in a wide variety of choices to maximize your tanning experience!

Tanning products offer the latest lotion technology to provide additional benefits. A more long-lasting tan in fewer visits (saving you time and money in the long run), absorption of nutrients and antioxidants your skin needs to help prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and provisions of vital moisture are only a few of extra benefits and reasons to use tanning products. Ask any of our staff members about the differences in the lotions and moisturizers, as well as which product would be best for you!

Tanning Tips

The Body Bar follows the exposure time regulations that have been laid out by the federal government to overexposure risk. By controlling the type and amount of UV light you receive, you can acquire the best and safest tan possible. Knowing how skin tans-especially your own skin type is imperative to tanning. Be sure to follow an exposure schedule designed for your skin type, use tanning products, and avoid sunburn by tanning gradually. With all of this in mind, there are some precautions you should take before proceeding to tan…

If you’re taking any medications, please reference our chart of photosensitizing agents. Some medications can cause reactions with UV light.

Eye Protection
Your vision is priceless.  Closing your eyes or just wearing outdoor sunglasses does not provide adequate protection while tanning.  The Body Bar requires you to wear FDA compliant eye protection. A variety of styles can be purchased at the front desk.

Your lips do not produce melanin so they can burn.  The Body Bar recommends protecting your lips with an SPF lip balm or sunscreen while tanning.

Heat and light from tanning sessions can dry your skin. Moisturized skin tans best.  The Body Bar recommends you moisturize before and after each tanning session to get the most of your visit.  The Body Bar carries a full line of indoor tanning products specifically designed to maximize your tan!